Vincent van Gogh, who did cut off his ear?

It was always believed Vincent van Gogh cut of his own ear when he was depressed, not so long before his suicide. However, recently two investigators from Germany came to the conclusion that it is possible Vincent van Gogh didn’t cut of his earlobe but the artist Paul Gaugain did it. Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gaugain lived and worked a period of time together, but the relationship ended up in argues. The German investigators came to their conclusion because van Gogh wrote to Gaugain ‘You don’t speak, I won’t either,’ or ‘you are quiet, I’ll be too.’ (Something like that)

Personally I don’t see the convincing true in this line. Maybe Vincent meant that Gaugain didn’t wrote to him, and that Vincent didn’t wrote to him either because of that. Maybe Vincent van Gogh and Gaugain had been in love? Who knows. They would have been quiet about that too, I guess.
A curator of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam stated that the line isn’t written in a letter of Vincent himself. So, no one seems to believe the new theory of the German investigators. I guess they have to come up with some more evidence first.

Unfortunately I have no idea who did wrote the letter with that line. Sigh…:)

PS. I know my English is weird but I’m so Dutch…

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