Global Domains International Scam and fraud!

Global Domains international ( shortened GDI, is no scam for sure. I love it!! Listen to me: GDI offers the possibility of building a monthly income. Your income can even develop into an incredibly high amount. A method better than this I have not yet come against. How does it work? I’ll try to explain this in your language, but just keep in mind that I live in the Netherlands and I have not studied your language. This article might be a little funny written now and then. I hope you’ll forgive me for that.:) Here we go. Give me a minute of your time and I am sure that GDI will make you just as enthusiastic as I am. Because this is a great money making system that truly changed the live of many people.

Global Domains international is the company that possesses the .WS domains on the internet. For example, for $10,- (8 euro) per month. If other people (your friends for example) sign up through your affiliate website or url, you will make money by a very simple method. Is this difficult? Not at all. It is absolutely uncomplicated and I love it. You can send the url to your friends by email or you can tell people about it. I’ll try to explain in great detail how this works. Stay here :) Just keep in mind I am from the Netherlands. It is hard for me to write your language but I’ll do my best.

Global Domain International, how does it works?

How do you make money with GDI? GDI registers .ws domain names. The.WS extension domain name has become very popular and probably beside .com and .org domains, one of the most interesting domain hosts in the world, because the characters WS are read as WebSite. WS of origin West Samoa became rapidly WebSite, and for this reason as popular as, as, well… as Dutch cheese and tulips! Ha! You can compare this with the .tv domains, of origin Tuvalu (Islands), but .tv domains are also in use for television related websites. The .WS domains are rapidly growing in amount. It is hard to sign up for an original .com or .org domain. All .org and .com are already signed up. A .ws domain is cool and original names are still available, if you hurry.

GDI however not only offers domain names but also so-called WYSIWYG software to build a cool website. WYSIWYG stand for What You See Is What You Get. You need to have no knowledge of html to build a website with that software. Listen: You can build rapidly build your own professional WebSite with that software. The website which you will build with GDI will look professional. The .ws website can be used for a business but also for private aims. In a couple of hours your website will be ready to use. The software is so user-friendly. You also will get 10 extra e-mail addresses, accompany your domain registration.

How do I make money with GDI?

GDI registers not just only your favorite .WS domain name but offers you also the great possibility to make money. I am totally enthusiastic about this.

• GDI have (if you participate) a few promotion pages for you on the Internet. Then it is explained by video how the simple network marketing system of GDI works. If you can't wait to see it, take a look here:
• If someone else decides to register a domain name on your advice GDI will pay you for that registered domain name a dollar per month. How long? Your complete life if the domain isn’t cancelled. This applies to each new field recording, for life. But this is only the beginning of the story. So please read this whole article. (I had a hard time translating it from Dutch anyway.:)
• Example: If you have brought 8 new domain names/recordings to GDI, your monthly costs have been paid. As from that moment you will make profit with .WS field recordings. How? Read on, read on! Because it will get better and better.
• By the way, did you know that you’ll get a bonus of $100 if you introduce 5 new .ws domain registrations to GDI in one week? Every week. But there is more!
• People who have registered a domain name because of you will also introduce other people to GDI. And in the same way you’ll make money, they will also. But the beautiful news is that the referrals which are presented by these people will GDI pay you a dollar as well!! 5 layers you’ll receive a dollar per each registration of each of your referrals in your down line. You’ll earn a dollar by each new sign up of sign up of sign up of sign up… Can you still follow me? How much money would that be then?

//Movie Global Domain International. Convinced? Sign up here please:

How much money can you make with GDI?

• A sum shows that if you would introduce 5 domain registrations… and those 5 persons would introduce 5 also, and like this 5 layers deep… that you then would receive $3905, - per month. Good wooden shoe!! Is that true? Yes it is! And how much money would you make if you refer 7 and those 7 would bring in 7 too? This affiliate program of Global Domains International would then pay you a monthly income of $19607, - per month. Each month. But let’s say that is too good to be true. Let’s say you can only find 3 people in your whole life. If three people would register a domain name and they can also only refer 3 to join then you will make $363, - per month. However, you’ll end up in profit if you are able to explain other people how wonderful this affiliate is. Do you understand now why GDI is so popular?

What will you receive if you sign up with GDI?

  • Your own .ws domain name, which is great. Keep in mind that .ws domains are getting world wide important because of the .ws extension. We all want a WebSite on the internet.
  • 10 extra email addresses
  • Permission to join the GDI affiliate system, what this article is all about
  • Software to build a professional looking website. The software is user-friendly and you don’t have to have knowledge of html to build your WebSite. You’ll find the software online.
  • Extra (ready to use) WebPages made by GDI so that you can start bringing in others right away. You do not even need to build a website if you don’t want to. You can use the great looking pages of GDI for that purpose.
  • A seven days free trial.

A few more questions: can you quit at any time with GDI?

Yes! You aren’t bound by a contract or something. You can stop at any time, but why would you?

Dutch girl, tell me how I sign up with Global Domains International

Well, I have tried to explain this is in your language and I am sure I made some funny mistakes in the spelling and I apologize for that. I hope you appreciate this article and I truly hope you’ll send the link to friends or relatives. If you decide to sign up, please be so cool to sign up through my url. so that I earn a monthly dollar.:)
Sign up at this page and you made a Dutch girl happy and yourself as well:
Thanks for your time and if you join you’ll get just as happy with this as I am. If you believe in this and if you'll do your best, you'll eran money with this program. Best regards from the Netherlands. Click here to sign up if you like:


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