Famous, how to get famous?

Do you dream about getting famous? Where do you have to start if you want to be famous? All people who are boasted, were ever just like you, started with not being famous yet. There are natural, however, exceptions on that rule. Children of boasted parents are boasted more easily than children of ordinary parents. But being famous, for example as a actor, actress, as a model, can happen to everyone. There are a number of things you can do to get famous.

  • Take song, dancing and/or act lessonact lessons
  • If you want become famous, start as young as possible, this is really significant. Take therefore song, dancing and/or acting lessons at a club or art centre in your neighborhood. Look in the Yellow Pages at your region. You can also search on the internet for adresses where you can get lessons in singing, in your neighborhood. If you can tap dance, is that of course very interesting. * If you can play an instrument like piano or guitar, that's also very good. It will increase your chances to get famous. Don't do anything without the help and advise of your parents if it comes to lessons in music, dance or singing. The same with modelling.

Castingbureaus and model offices

You have permanently sometimes heard of castingbureaus and model offices? This type offices registers people, from young to old, which can be selected then for a role in a movie, a play, a musical, a commercial TV spot or for publicity photographs. if you want to be boasted for fame and you are allowed to sign in for such casting offices, it is important that you can show something like picturs or prove that you took lessons in acting or dance and so on, to show at such an office. Think of nice pictures in a portfolia (both for model work and for acting are fine) and to (preferably) what experience in the field of to act you have, if you want to find work as a beginning actor or actress. Sometimes you will be asked for a role in a film/movie, you must do then firstly an audition. Audition does implies that you are tested (for camera by the director). Don't do anything like that without permission of your parants and don't go on your own but take your parents with you. If the audiotion is safe it is always normal to bring your parents! If anyone would ask you to come over alone for pictures or an audition, without (one of your) your parents, you can be sure that the audition is fake and that you should not go there!
At a real audition your parents are more than welcome and then the director or photographer will look or you are suited for the role or pictures.

Dont's and do not

  • Dont send unclear or blurred photographs
  • Don't lie concerning your age and/or experience.
  • Don't send your picture to any office but start with the ebst and make sure you only contact offices that have a good reputation

How do you find reliable and well casting or model office?

Very best it (particularly if you are under 21) is to select these these with the help of your parents. It is really very important that you will do nothing on your own. There are unfortunately offices which cannot be trusted. They ask a lot of money for registration, and further hear nothing again. (Or more terrible: everyone on the Internet can act like a director or photographer, and also bad people can do so) If they promise fortune or fame, be aware. If it sound sto good to be truth, it is too good to be true. Don't trust people too easy. Let your parants help you decide what is best.

At last: be patience and work hard.

See you in Hollywood!

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