Blush, blushing, how to stop blushing?

Blushing, we all blush sometimes. Generally in a situation we don't feel comfortably because we shame ourselves for something. Often it is just omething tiny. All of a sudden we feel accelerate heat rising to our cheeks, and our head seems to cook. If you look at yourself considering you at such a moment in the mirror with a head as red as a swollen tick.

from blushing to fear to blush to a phobia

Some people blush so often, they develop a fear to blush. The angst to blush obstruct them in social ambulatory with other people. Fear to blush can become an obsession and the result is that people can't think of anything else but the fear to blush. They dare top meet no other people or they dare not to speak, go outside the house or meet people. If someone speaks to them they start to blush. Even thinking at blushing can make them blush. Ofcourse this can be a problem in social relations.

There are all kinds of therapies and methods considered people of (seriously) blushing problems and/or blush-angst to help. Frequently this conversations with a care worker concern concerning feelings, experience, uncertainty and fear to blush. Sometimes even medecines would be prescribed against blushing, so-called anti-blushing pill (article is translated from Dutch). Pills appear not very ffective. A cumbersome side effect of anti-blush medicine are (belief it or not) redness of the skin!

What is blushing in fact?

In fact an unpleasant physical response to a not physical cause is blushing. And a red head apears. Someone blushes if he or she gets a compliment or attention, and he or she is not relaxed with the situation. The muscles in the face relax for a moment because the person cannot handle the moment. Those muscles grip spoken normally, as it happens, the blood dishes in the face, slightly dense. It result in a head like a tomato. Not pleasant, but something that nearly everyone experience now and then in life. If you blush often you are probably afraid to blush. Trying to avoid blushing can make it worse. So, if blush just now and then, don't make a problem about it. If you don't make it into a problem it wont become a problem. Try to accept the blushing and say to yourself: yep, I blush.

Blushing, what can you do against blushing?

  • Searching on the Internet my attention was attracted to Mind Tuning to 'heal' from blushing, hich method was considered by Pieter Frijters in the Nethelands.
  • There are also courses to learn to handle blushing, therapies against to blushing and stipulated learning methods against to blushing.
  • I'm not sure or it will work to concentrate on the muscles in the face and to make sure not to relax these if you don't want to blush.


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