Bill Kaulitz, how to win a date with Bill?

Bill Kaulitz of the German band Tokio Hotel is an interesting popstar. Does he like boys or girls? The most of fans are sure Bill Kaulitz simply likes to look female, with make-up and nail polish experiments. Others have been persuaded that Bill Kaulitz is gay. This Article is not about gay or or he. Who cares anyway. Bill Kaulitz is a phenomenon. His looks are amazing and the band Tokio Hotel is really cool.

Interesting pieces of information concerning Bill Kaulitz

Bill Kaulitz was born on September 1th 1989 in Leipzig (Germany). He is half of a twin, his identical brother Tom Kaulitz. Their constellation is virgin. At present Bill Kaulitz lives in Loitsche, a municipality in the German state Saksen-Anhalt. In Loitsche approximately 700 people live. It is a small vilage.

Bill Kaulitz hair is painted black, but is by nature dark blonde. In steep, erect its sit a couple white line. He has brown eyes, several tattoos and two piercings. He is approximately 1.83 m in length, has a slim body and carries frequently black clothing. A bith cothic in a way, but also rock. Most striking to him probable its enormous amount of hair which framed his face, and the use of much black make-up around its eyes like gothics do. He discovered this look wheen he dressed up like a vampire for a party. At the beginning of his carrier his hair became his trade mark.

Bill Kaulitz is an idol for many girls. They all would like to date him. Many girl are totally in love with him although they will probably never meet him. He's star, like the beatkles were also rises the star of Tokio Hotel en Europe and other places in the world.
The band has (mainly) female fans. Of course Tokio Hotel has also male fans. But there are also young people which hate the band, and particularly Bill Kaulitz, since they think that he has a too eminately appearance. That is also the reason why regularly speculated concerning Bills sexual interest. With women/girlfriends he is hardly identified, but with men he's not seen either.

His brothers Tom looks just the same, also feminine but he looks less feminine in his behaviour and make-up. When Bill Kaulitz became 18 years of age however the rumour spread that he himself had left on the official Internet site of the band a bulletin concerning his coming out about his homosexual temperament. This reported briefly afterwards removed would be not deter the fans. It was a fake rumour. The rumour ensured rather what disorder under its fans, but never has been confirmed officially. Bill Kaulitz contradicted the rumour in several interview. Also the rumour that Bill Kaulitz not only goes with make-up experiments, but that he (in former days) a spell a skirt behaves also once to if look at him that pleased, but he did not feel himself pleasant. In Germany confessed rapper Bushido by saying in a TV interview that he wanted Bill Kaulitz to give him some sexual acts, and he even suggested that they had a relation that went further than just friendship.

The last word concerning truth temperament of the boasted leadzanger of Tokio hotel has been probably not yet said also, because it occupies the minds, however, but provisional is it this way that Bill Kaulitz themselves emphasise to have denied gay and also in an interview he denies being gay. To be favorite women the Olsson Twins would be his favorite kind of girl. Girls that look like the Olson twins, still can dream about a date with Bill kaulitz.

Pictures Bill Kaulitz

Who the father of Bill Kaulitz is?

When Bill Kaulitz was 8 years of age, his parents decided to devorce. The mother of Bill and TOM Kaulitz is named Simone Kaulitz. She is free-lance dressmaker and artist. The name of the biological father of TOM and Bill Kaulitz is Jörg Kaulitz .

Stephfather of Bill and Tom Kaulitz

When Bill was years young he started to write texts/song. He is a fan of of Nena and David Bowey and of the Olson twins (really or is this a joke?). He gladly likes pizza and Heinz ketchup, but he does not like chocolate. Sports he does not do gladly, and although he could learn well, he didn't like school. He's allergic for mosquito twinges and for that he's even been a week into a hospital. Ever had its brother Tom deliver in the school bus, and vomitted concerning the trousers of Bill. That is its worst experience so far. With his brother Tom he has however a strong faith link and they hold regularly confidential conversations. Also the relation with its mother, Siemone Kaulitz, is well. His stiphfather Gordon Trumper plays in the rock band Fatun as a guitarist, and as a result, the Kaulitz brothers started to make music as well. That is how it all began. Although Bill Kaulitz is right-handed, he can write also well with his left hand. Bill Kaulitz also wanted to become a vogue designer, because he is creative on several areas. Sometimes he devises a garment still once. In the Netherlands Tokio hotel is obtain T-shirts (clothing line) they can be ordered from Bristol.

Bill Kaulitz doesn't like large pants and he dislikes people biting their nail. His future girlfriend can be absolute no nail biter (?). He says he believe in treu love and he waiths for the right person to find. He's different from his twinbrother Tom, although they claim regularly to have dreamed the same dream. Bill Kaulitz is afraid for insects, believes there is something after this life, and he is superstitious. Its granny calls him Mecki. He doesn't like that nickname.

One thing is certain, Bill Kaulitz have already wrote some kind of history. He is an intriguing, artistic individual, who has given to Tokio Hotel an unforgettable face. How to win a date with Bill Kaulitz? Hell, how would I know?


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