Barack Obama, who's that president?

On 20 January 2009 Barack Obama (in full Barack Hussein Obama) at 6 o'clock in the afternoon (Dutch time), officially was inaugurated as the 44thea president of the United States. He is the first afro-Amerikaanse president of the US. Obama has charisma and he awakes faith and hope in many Americans, but also worldwide. Who's Barack Obama?

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Barack Obama was born on augusts the 4th in the year 1961 at Honolulu (Hawaii). His mother, named Stanley Ann Dunham, was an American anthropologist and agnostic. Obama was named after his father, who was also was named Barack Obama. The relation of his parents, however, ended up in a devorce. The marriage was broken two years after the birth of Barack junior. His father left America and returned to its homeland, Kenya. Barack Obama and his father only once met each other only once after his father returned to Kenia.

Obama and Indonesia

Because his mother remarried an indonesian man, Barack Obama lived from 1967 on Jakarta by his mother and stephfather. From the second marriage of his mother with the Indonesian Lolo Soetore, Obama's halfsister Maya was born.

Obama's grandparents

On decennial age Obama returned to Honolulu and were further educated by its grandpa and granny of mothers side. His mother returned for a short time to Hawaii but the she returned to Indonesia and Obame was furtherly raised by his grandparents. Obama had a very good link with its grandparents. In 1980, his mother separated from her second husband Lolo Soetoro.

Obama School and study

Obama visited and studies at the high school in Los Angeles, to the Occidental college. Afterwards he continued his study of political economy at the Columbia university in New York and Harvard law school. He was President of the Harvard Law Review, a literary expenditure. In 1983, he graduated, with as specialisation international relations. When he was 21 years of age his biological father died in a car accident in Kenya. His mother died in 1995, on the age of 52, of cancer.

Dreams of My Father, book of Barack Obama

Briefly for the death of his mother, Obama's book "Dreams Of My Father" had been produced. In the book he describes the search to the identity of a son of a white American mother and a black father from Africa. It is also a search for the life of his father of whom faith had driven him from.

Obama work experiences

Obama worked after his graduation among other things as a research worker at New York Public interest Group but as from 1985 he did projects in poorer neighborhoods in Chicago. Then he became the head of DCP, the Developing Communities project, a aid programme of the catholic church. At the end of that period he visited Kenya, where he met family members of his father. Obama teached lesson in (law) rights at the university of Chicago and he became senator of the state Illinois in 1997. As from 2005 he became senator in Washington D.

Marriage Obama and Michelle Robinson Michelle Robinson

In 1989, Obama met Michelle Robinson, his current wife and the curent first lady of America. Michelle Robinson had also studied at Harvard and she worked at the same lawyer's office as Barack Obama. There arose there relationship. They married some years later, in 1992. From the marriage two girls, Malia Ann and Natascha, were born in 1998 and 2001.


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