ALS, amyotrofic lateral sclerosis and the zebra fish

ALS is a muscle sickness with a fatality. ALS the abbreviations of Amyotrofic lateral sclerosis. Because is there a little confessed still too concerning the origin of ALS, there is still no treatment. Offers the zebra fish hope for the distant future?

This article about ALS is translated from the Dutch with permission by the author, therefore this article isn't written in perfect english. Please forgive.

The zebra fish is perhaps a step on the path to cicatrisation at engine neurone sicknesses, among which also muscle sickness falls AS. Zebrafish, as it happens, able have appeared new nerve warrants produce if they have damage to their back edge. According to scientists to the university of Edingburgh in shot country this an hopeful discovery is of course but there must research still much be done. The research workers in shot country let know that a better insight in the process them develop a therapy for ALS-patiënten could help. Or that research also effective in pace is put and it is not communicated if money is, further. There is therefore (still) no treatment for AS patients. There has been therefore, however, discovered that zebravisjes capable appear generating new nerve warrants, and this can contribute in the future therefore possible also to developing a therapy AS patients. Also it people is able help whom have a dwarslaesie and possibly also at other muscle sicknesses where movement warrants died are the cause. (Particular) the function of zebra fish (generating new movement warrants) is not transmit however zomaar of fish on people. There must be selected firstly how it works and afterwards or it can be also made at people possible that nerve embranchements retrieve the muscles by means of new production of movement warrants. At this moment is that not yet the case and it are not clear how far one is with the research. Reported concerning the zebra fish therefore only very small lichtpuntje are, but more unfortunately not yet. The discovery was made since are always more often used zebravisjes present as a test animal.

ALS, what is that for muscle sickness?

At ALS the movement nerve warrants die slowly (also engine neurone warrants called). This has to consequence that (Amyotrofical lateral sclerosis) IF patient loses more and more muscle functions. All muscles, excluded myocardium, are damaged by ALS. The nerve warrants which have once died are no longer replaced. The body touches as a result, always more seriously paralysed, where ALS-patient lose within some years the all movement functions. It starts for example with things from the hands let breathe falls, but in the long run loses one also the capacity to move the legs, to talk, to eat… This is very hard.…For this reason is ALS a deadly sickness. Between the diagnosis ALS and dying average 3 up to 5 years sits. Annual dying in the Netherlands approximately 500 people of ALS. The patient generally dies because the breathing muscles burst out/give up. The cause of it has been not yet found and there is no treatment which can heal this horrible sickness. There are also no resources which can stop the demolition process. The capacities of the zebra fish to generate new nerve warrants at damage, can contribute possibly to search and findi a therapy against ALS.

AS (Amyotrofische lateral sclerosis) some data

  • AS something meets more men than women. Of 3 AS patients there 1 woman is.
  • Annual dying approximately 500 people to Amyotrofische lateral sclerosis
  • There are just as many AS patients such as M patients
  • It takes time before diagnosis IF it is put with certainty
  • AS does not occur at children, little at young adults.
  • A fiftieth part of AS patients lives still longer than 5 years. 5% of AS patients still live after twenty years approximately 80% of all AS patients die therefore unfortunately within five years.
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